Back To School Shopping.

Back To School

Shopping with this cutie…








Let me just start by saying that this was an impromptu photo shoot. We had just gone school shopping and she was wearing one of the dresses we bought her for school. Every time before I start taking pictures I start checking the settings. I said let me take some pictures of you and before I knew it she was posing for the camera. LOL. No one told her to pose like this so I was shocked but she is a natural.

This year our little princess starts Kindergarten. I just can’t believe we are finally here, and it’s been a bitter sweet moment for us. I’m happy that she will now be more independent and start becoming the little human she will be, and I’m sad because I know time will start flying by. (Were also pretty happy we won’t be paying that much for daycare!LOL). She has been ready too and the 1st week has been a breeze. Mommy and Daddy were more emotional than she was, but she did say was nervous because she didn’t know she was going to make friends. That I knew would be easy for her, Zoey is the sweetest, friendliest kid around.

For back to school shopping we took a trip to my favorite store to buy clothes for her OLD NAVY. We love Old Navy for the sales and cutest clothes. Our trip didn’t disappoint, we came out with so many clothes, outfits and spent under our budget. The #1 thing on our list is dresses, Zoey loves dresses especially long ones. I was so happy to even find a long skirt which we have been looking for one for about a year now lol. Now some of the things we bought I had to get them online just because they had a better price and we were able to save an additional 30% off. Right now you can get the same savings by using code NOW. You get free shipping if you spend $50 and free shipping if you buy a pair of jeans. So you might us well do some shopping for you too LOL.

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