Bringing in 2018 with a BANG! Happy New Year!

    2018 will be the best year ever! Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year Gorgeous babes! This past year has been pretty crazy and I wanted to start this year with a bang. I truly believe that if you put something out into the universe, its bound to come true. So I wanted to write this post to introduce myself and put my goals out into the universe!

    nordstrom top

    First of all I don’t want to bore you with everything that happened in 2017, but just share a few life changing moments. (Good or Bad) If you have followed along for a while you know that I live with my husband and daughter who is 6. Our house flooded in 2016 and just as we moved in and started getting our lives together it flooded again during Hurricane Harvey. As we started rebuilding again we came across a great opportunity to sell our home. This is something we didn’t know it was going to be possible so we jumped on it right away. So now currently shopping for a new home! We are so excited and as soon as I can share more I will!

    OK so now I’m about to get really personal!

    With all this being said my blog has been put in the back burner while I dealt with the first flood. Than as soon I started getting momentum again the 2nd one happened. It’s been very discouraging to me because I have not been able to get Dream Gorgeously where I want it to be. Especially when you try so hard not to compare yourself to others. I would see all your favorite bloggers doing great, getting followers  and I got stuck and couldn’t get more than 3500 followers. Now I know all of this has been my fault, so I had to learned to deal with this and tell myself that I was dealing with things that cannot be controlled and on top of that I have a full time job and still have to take care of my family.

    I recently had a conversation with my husband and basically said THIS IS IT, 2018 has to be it! Either I give it my all to Dream Gorgeously or I quit. I just can’t handle another year of disappointment! So here I am, committing to my blog. Committing to you guys that I will bring you content that you want to follow. I want to be honest with you all, and bring you fashion styles I truly believe in. I want to start writing more on here like my personal diary and letting you in my struggles as a full time mom, wife and with a full time job.

    I’m not going to lie its going to be hard, and probably going to be a  slow start LOL. I literally stared at this screen for an hour before I knew what I wanted to say, but I really want to make this The best Year Ever! Happy New Year!

    So here I go again! I hope you follow along and we get to know each other!

    This top completely surprised me. I never thought I would have owned a metallic top. Even when I was at Nordstrom and saw it I passed it a few times until I decided to try it on. I’m so glad I did, I’m obsessed with the color and fit.

    I’m linking all my metallic favorites and these booties and jeans below!

    metallic top

    metallic top

    metallic top

    metallic top

    metallic top

    metallic top

    metallic top


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